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Intercambio - Santiago de Cuba - Julio / July

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Autor /Author : Rogelio MARTINEZ FURÉ, translation : Barry COX


1. Chapter : Notes on Those Called Arará and Mina in Cuba

One of the great lacuna of Cuban ethnography is the lack of studies on the Ewe Fon in our country. Revisiting our classic works in this discipline (Ortiz, Cabrera,Lachatañeré), we only find information on the influences of these peoples on the colonial life and their modern survivals. Lost among all the studies where the presence of the Yoruba, Bantú and Carabalí fills page after page, we find the name of one of their gods (vodún) or of some of their musical instruments; at times, with more luck, we discover a summary description of a dance or a ceremony of old Dahomey origin. Here, the reference to a ritual; there, a bit of their language; but no article, and much less a book, dedicated to the Arará and Mina in Cuba...

2. Chapter : The Bríkamo

The bríkamo (bricma, brícam, or brícamo) have been known in Cuba since the colonial period. According to Fernando Ortiz, in the "Papel Periodico de La Habana of 16 august 1792, there is a reference to a slave from the nacion carabalí brícma", and is supposed to be "the same as the Brícamo". By the first half of the 19th century, Pichardo noted exactly the origin of this ethnic group, situating it in Calabar, the southern region of Nigeria...

3. Chapter : The Iyesá

The Iyesá form one of the Yoruban subgroups1 and inhabit the region of Ilesha, in Western Nigeria. During the centuries of the slave trade, Africans from this region entered Cuba under the generic name of Lucumí, a vague term which included the most diverse peoples of the Coast of Guinea. Towards the beginning of the 19th century they were able to recreate their rituals and other cultural manifestations, adjusting them to the new colonial environment...

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